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Rustic Accent Pieces and Raw Materials

If you're more of a hands-on type and don't want to rely on our expert craftsmen to supply your furniture for you, don't worry. We also have large slabs of our high-quality wood available to purchase.

You should never have to settle for lesser quality materials when starting a woodworking project. Come to Woodesign today to browse the stock of rustic wood we have available.

Get your material from experts

When on the lookout for high-quality rustic material to use in your next project, don't go to any lumber yard, come to see us.


With over 25 years' woodworking experience, you can count on us to suggest the best type of material to your woodworking project.

Trust our experience

  • The same high-quality wood we use in our one of a kind furniture

  • Logs selected specifically to be perfect for use in furniture

  • Exceptionally beautiful wood

Give us a call to learn what materials we have in stock.